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Make Health & Wellness Your Most Important Ritual

We provide all the benefits of a health and fitness coach/Personal trainer without the expensive price!

When choosing a team for your health and wellness goals, it helps to know that they will strengthen your body and mind. At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage, our registered massage therapists are also personal trainers and we provide only the best in client directed health and fitness programming as well as professional in-studio massage therapy and mobile massage therapy services.

We offer convenient and rejuvenating massage therapy services and when you’re looking for quality self directed fitness programming, we have written programs to help you achieve better results faster. 

When you need one service helping you succeed in your health and fitness goals, we are the multidisciplinary health enhancement centre that has everything you need to take your health and fitness further. Get in touch with us today and discover the best results possible for your body!

Massage Therapy Services

Rounding out your fitness training should always include restoring your body. When you start training, you are exhausting your body from the inside out.

While some people may want to rely on painkillers, chemicals, and other lab-made pain solutions, our Edmonton registered massage therapists always suggest a more natural approach to healing you.

In addition to providing the best in client directed fitness training solutions, we also offer 5-star world class in-studio massage therapy and mobile massage therapy services. Our Edmonton registered massage therapists customize massage treatments in order to focus on your problem areas to relieve stress and relax muscles.

Choose us for your Edmonton, Alberta studio massage provider for the best in relaxation and rejuvenation. We will be the best, most convenient choice for all your massage therapy needs.

Relaxation or Swedish Massage 

Relaxation or Swedish massage focuses on promoting relaxation to the body and mind, and increasing blood circulation so the body can repair and heal itself. Individuals suffering from insomnia, anxiety or the stress of everyday life will  benefit from this form of massage.

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, sore muscles or you simply just need a “time out” from the busyness of everyday life,  you will benefit highly from regular therapy with Relaxation or Swedish Massage.

When you call us, you’re hiring an experienced registered massage therapist who knows what your tired and sore body needs. 

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Our best therapeutic massage is the ideal choice for many of our clients. The goal of this style of massage is to alleviate pain without medication, to increase mobility and quality of life.

Whether you suffer from stiff joints, areas of pain, burning sensations or everything just feels heavy, a therapeutic massage is likely exactly what you need.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

For aches and pains deep below the surface, you need a massage that goes the extra distance. Our deep tissue massage is the best option for deeply rooted aches, pains, and stiffness.

Our deep tissue massage works the lower layers of skin and tissue, releasing stubborn tension between muscles. If you have pain that never seems to go away, a deep tissue massage is for you.

Sports Massage Therapy

Have you suffered an injury while playing your favorite sport? Did you push yourself too hard at the gym, or even at work?

When you have overworked your muscles, you need a sports therapy massage to ease the pain away. We know how debilitating a  work-related injury or a sports-related injury can become, and we’ll do our best to coordinate our treatment plan with your primary care provider to restore you to full mobility. Our sports massages are a custom deep tissue massage in conjunction with dynamic movement and IASTM.

Whether you have stiff and sore neck muscles, a worn rotator cuff, a pained hip or other concern, our experienced registered massage therapists are here for you. Call today to schedule your best sports injury pain solutions!

We have other massage therapy treatments that are always customized for your specific needs, from relieving tension at work to custom massage treatment. Whenever you have severe aches and pains preventing you from performing at your best, we are ready to assist you.

E-books and Workout Guides

To build a better body, most people think they only need to work out more. However, did you know that exercising incorrectly or with an improper form may cause more harm than good?

Improperly performing exercises may lead to lingering pain, debilitating conditions, or even cause you to gain weight rather than lose it. Instead, it helps to have access to professional fitness instruction.

Rather than pay for an expensive trainer for items you can take care of, our team has supplied a series of training tools. Whether you’re looking for a simple to use workout guide, a fitness e-book, or even a bodybuilding e-book, we have instruction tools for any level of fitness goals.

You are never alone when you’re improving yourself. Let us help you by providing everything you need for a balanced, well-rounded fitness lifestyle. Contact us for better ways to get in shape!

Everything Health and Wellness

Thank you for visiting our page! We have a passion for health and fitness and enjoy sharing useful health and wellness services, tips and recipes with others. Our focus is to prove that living a healthy lifestyle can be convenient and easy.

Here you will find all sorts of information about massage therapy, fitness, nutrition and natural solutions.

Check out Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage for all your health and fitness needs, as well as for professional studio & mobile massage services. We can’t wait to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

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