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Stress in the Workplace: How Massage Can Really Help!

Stressed out employees don’t work at their highest potential. They’re tired, irritable, and burnt out. So what can be done about it? Why not check out Corporate Wellness Massage in Edmonton?

It’s a question we’ve heard too many times to count. In this article, we show you the effects of stress in the workplace and how chair massage can help.

How Does Chair Massage/Table Massage Help With Reducing Both Good And Bad Stress ?

Everyone seems stressed and a bit on edge these days and we completely understand! We know that changes in state of our  economy and loss of jobs in one sectors creates stress on everyone. We know that when one part of our job sector suffers there can be a real “trickle effect” down to other business in other sectors, meaning everyone feels a sense of worry and stress.

As business owners, we are stressed at times and YUP, our employees are definitely feeling the same.  There’s a reason Mondays get such a bad rap, and Fridays are so well-loved.

Although the state of economy can cause stress for everyone, it can be more than that….Life in general can present stressors even when employees love what they do and your organizational/corporate culture is great.  When things get stressful, the first thing we all tend to do is forget about caring for ourselves….self-care. It is really quite absurd given caring for ourselves is truly the one thing that will always make us feel better both physically and psychologically and will alleviate stress and burn-out.

What Are The Effects of Job Stress?

As we all know, not all forms of stress are bad for a person.

Good Stress or “short-term stress” is what motivates you. Things that can contribute to “Eustress” are things like taking tests, meeting deadlines or giving a speech. Good stress is also called “Eustress” and can move you forward, helping you to achieve goals and seriously can ultimately lead to more happiness, success or fulfilment. It is actually reported to enhance learning and brain function despite making us feel a bit sick to the stomach at the time we are anticipating or actually doing the duties that causes the “Eustress”

Then there is Bad Stress or Chronic Stress which hinders our progress and can actually cause health problems. Ongoing stress whether it be at work on in life can slow you down and inhibit you from doing the things you need to do. This kind of stress is detrimental because you are always in the “fight-or-flight” mode….a mode where your body is in a constant “threatened” state. This is when body and how it performs will suffer and that “fight-or-flight” response that is supposed to be something we have that at times can either give us an edge or actually save our lives, is completely lost.

The fact is that there is good stress and there is bad stress and finding ways for all of us to deal with both whether it is the short-term stress associated with Good stress or the longterm effects of bad stress, continued self-care is critical.

Bad Stress affects so many aspects of the mind and body. It’s almost hard to keep track so for now we are going to take a look at Bad or Chronic Stress.

Physical Effects of Bad or Chronic Stress

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Elevated stress hormones such as cortisol
  • Creates shallow, rapid breathing
  • Poor posture creates tight muscles
  • Muscle knots created from tension
  • Low back and hip pain from sitting long hours of the day
  • Decreased sleep quality
  • Decreased proper circulation

Mental Effects of Bad or Chronic Stress

  • Rapid, disorganized thinking
  • Emotionally “on-edge”
  • Difficulty being present
  • Increased forgetfulness
  • Poor memory recall

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How Does Massage Help With Bad Or Chronic Stress in the Workplace?

We believe that a 10 minute chair massage or even a longer table massage makes self-care easy because it “comes to you”…to the business…to the employees. After a chair massage or a table massage — even a short one — there is no doubt that everyone will feel better…. happier,,,, more relaxed, and more focused.

Massage is a form of self-care but we don’t usually think of physical touch as a form of therapy, but studies have shown that massage can actually help lessen pain, improve immune system functionality, improve pulmonary function, increase growth and development, and lower blood glucose. With more discoveries being made every day, the healing power of massage and human touch is definitely something more than just a “nice thought.”

Technically what’s happening with a massage treatment is that after a few minutes of relaxation, the body will start to release the feel good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These hormones counteract stress hormones like cortisol.

While a little stress is actually good for us, too much is harmful. Too much cortisol in the body on a long-term basis causes cardiovascular problems down the line – including heart attacks and strokes (Yikes!).

The Best “Return on Investment” on Employee Chair Massage and Table Massages

A really great chair massage or a table will do wonders for anyone. But the effects will only last so long and it is important that people understand the importance of maintaining that self-care. We tend to forget about caring for ourselves as soon as we “feel good” and don’t follow-up on that self-care until we “feel bad” …..It’s like going to the gym once a year — sure a workout is good for you and you feel like you are caring for your body but lasting changes won’t happen unless it’s regular and consistent. 

The best return on investment for both the employee, the business and for everyone in general for a massage program is a weekly or twice-a-month program of a 15-minute chair massage or table massage . This is where physical and mental benefits are seen regularly.

If you are ready to see our on site Massage in Action….reach out to us to set up your demo massage event. Although the demo is a complimentary session, we ask for small donations to be provided as we support a local charity and are currently supporting a local and small animal rescue organization here in Edmonton.

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