Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Custom Bodies - Athletic Sponsorship

"Investing in the Future"

From Time to time we come across young athletes who completely inspire us with their focus and dedication to succeed and reach their goals. These athletes are unique and we want to do what we can to help them on their journey towards their goals and dreams.

We were once told by a very successful local athlete that “athletic success isn’t a solo effort. You need a good support team including Coaching, Training and Sport Massage Therapy.” We are looking to provide massage sponsorship to athletes, who are self driven and focused, in order to assist them in staying healthy while they strive for excellence in sport.

Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage is offering a limited number of sports massage sponsorships to local athletes who have shown that they are self driven and focused to reach their athletic goals yet may not have had the resources or connections for the “big” sponsors to take notice…Well Custom Bodies has noticed and we want to provide these athletes with services that will help them to stay healthy while they strive for excellence in sport.

As we are a small business we cannot offer monetary sponsorship at this time. If sponsorship is granted, we will offer massages services “as needed” for the athlete’s regular season and leading up a specific competition event or performance date.

Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage is excited for the opportunity to serve dedicated and enthusiastic athletes and performers.


An application is required for sponsorship consideration. The application should include the following:

  1. Complete the “sponsorship application” form below.
  2. A brief resume on your athletic or performance history. Please note any accomplishments, awards, etc…website/blog URL and all social media Urls, if applicable.
  3. A cover letter describing why you believe you should receive this sponsorship.
  4. The sport you are involved in and what you are currently training for.

We review all applications as they arrive and respond advising you of what we expect from our sponsored athletes.

Please allow at least one week processing. Please submit your application as early as possible as annual sponsorship opportunities are limited.

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