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The Benefits of Chair Massage for Seniors

There are both physical and psychological benefits to all types of massage but with seniors who are not able to get onto a table, the chair massage is a wonderful alternative.

What is Chair Massage?

Chair massage is a type of seated massage, usually lasting about 10 to 15 minutes, focusing on one’s back, shoulders, neck, and arms. Chair massage is performed over clothing and doesn’t require any oil however, our therapists will use a small amount of lotion or oil if our client has an area on the neck or shoulders that needs specialized attention.Chair Massage For Seniors

During a chair massage, the senior would be sitting in a special chair that has a cradle for the face….so you will be looking at the floor. the arms will be supported, with your neck and back completely relaxed. The therapist will then use different techniques, all unique to the issues that the senior discusses, to bring relief to sore, stiff muscles

The Benefits of Chair Massage

There are a number of benefits of chair massage for seniors, including:

Reduced pain and stiffness

Like most of us Seniors will commonly experience pain and stiffness in muscles and joints If they are physically active they will likely experience more stiffness and pain.

By using gentle massage techniques, our experienced therapists will effectively mobilize sore muscles, tendons, and joints.

Chair massage reportedly reduces inflammation-related pain around joints which can result in better range of motion. With improved range of motion, seniors will see their ability to perform day-to-day activities, resulting in increased independence and higher quality of life.

Improved circulation

It is also reported that massage therapy will help in the improving circulation. This is a benefit that is so crucial of anyone and more so for our senior clients who may be more predisposed to decreased circulation because of certain pathologies such as diabetes.

Regular massage therapy, paired with a individual exercise plan to maintain muscle and joint function as well as circulation.  As well, improved circulation can help seniors recover more quickly following injuries and boost energy levels. Our therapists are not only massage therapists but they are also personal trainers and as a result they provide homecare in the form of gentle stretch and strengthen for their senior clients.Chair Massage For Seniors

Emotional support

There are also so many reports that say, seniors who receive massage therapy, such as chair massage or even table massage, see a huge change for the positive in their emotional wellbeing, limitations due to physical issues, and limitations due to emotional issues.

Massage therapy can reduce anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness while also improving self-confidence and enhancing quality of life, by providing the power of human touch.

Massage therapy also gives a sense of companionship, a healing effect of chair massage. Human touch can have a noticeable impact on mental and emotional wellbeing, increasing one’s sense of belonging and friendship, which in turn have their own psychological benefits.

Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage is proud to be one of the premier businesses to offer specialized Seniors Massage to serve our seniors in the West Edmonton and Beaumont, Alberta area.

Senior’s or Eldercare Massage, also called Geriatric or Senior Massage or as we like to call it…. “Baby Boomer” massage is designed to accommodate the specific needs of an elderly body. Our therapists uses gentle relaxation techniques to soothe seniors aching muscles, tendons and joints, while positioned in either a chair or on a table according to what their comfort requirements are.

Our ultimate goal is to aid in improving the quality of life and overall health of our seniors. Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage is strongly committed in providing the highest quality service to our seniors.

Our philosophy is one of professionalism, sensitivity, and total commitment to each of our clients. We are completely dedicated in promoting health, wellness, relaxation and self care for our clients.

Reach out to us today to discuss specific needs!

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