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Ben Hobden is currently in one of the poorest countries in the world, Burundi. He is volunteering at a local school, teaching English and Physical Education. The following is a message Ben is sending out hoping that family, friends and the world will step up and take a closer look at the horrible conditions in which the people are existing.

“Words cannot describe the conditions that many people here live in. Everyday, on my 15 minute walk to school, I pass by starving children, no older than 5 years old, begging for money. Everyday, I see mothers working brutal, unsafe labour jobs with an infant child strapped to their back. Everyday, I see people walking 10+ km to get to a job that pays them pennies a day (literally). Everyday, I see heavily armed miltary troops patrolling the city, to intimidate the people and keep them scared. Everyday, people here suffer.

During my stay, I want to maximize the potential impact I can have on the people here, however small it can be. Donations will be used to:

– buy street children meals and blankets
– buy bikes for the workers at the school
– Donations to the Burundi English School (school supplies, tools, construction of a new future building etc)
– Random acts of kindness where needs arise

NONE of the money donated will be used for the volunteers here or personal use. This money is going only to the people who need it most.  

I have had an overwhelming amount of support so far on this trip. I understand that many people do not have the means to go to an exotic country and volunteer. But that doesnt mean you can’t help make a difference. Canadian and American dollars go very far here. Please consider donating to this fund. I plan to thoroughly document the allocation of the funds on my Facebook Page. 

You should never see the ribcage on a child.”     By Ben Hobden

Help give Jospien the future he deserves!!

Meet Jospien…he is 12 years old and says:

“I can’t go to school right now. I don’t have the textbooks, and my hair is too long, but my mom can’t afford to cut it. So the teachers don’t let me come. My father left us a long time ago, and my mom is very sick and not working. I am trying to find something to eat. I am so hungry right now, I have not eaten since yesterday afternoon.”

Help make a difference for Jospien and other children of Burundi:

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