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Corporate Wellness and Massage Edmonton

A focus on health and wellness in the workplace is becoming increasingly more common in the workplace. Employers are beginning to understand the benefits being keeping their workplace healthy and the tools that are required to retain the most productive of employees. 

Adding a Corporate wellness program has so many benefits and is something that any industry will benefit from. A well established Corporate Wellness program will not only reduce absenteeism, lower insurance costs, increase productivity but it may even allow for the detection of other medical conditions.  Even the best Corporate Wellness program may have difficulties with employee participation and this is why employers need to form “rewarding” experiences that will encourage participation. This may include adding personal training, fitness classes, counselling, massage therapy most of which can be covered by the typical benefit plan most employers offer their employees.

From our experience, we are definitely seeing a trend in employers who are offering on site massage and other relaxation practices as part of their Corporate Wellness program. There are options for chair massage and table massage which can be done as a regular weekly thing or which can be done on a regular basis as an “employee appreciation” event.

Bringing massage into the workplace will not only get the employee to utilize an “insurance paid benefit” but they are more likely to participate in a health and wellness activity where they don’t have to spend time after work to attend it.

We believe that employers will see the following benefits of adding massage to their Corporate Wellness program:

Increase Participation

We understand that most employers will introduce Corporate Wellness Programs because they want a healthy, happy and productive workforce. That being said, having a Corporate Wellness program will mean nothing if there is no employee participation. Employers are usually left scratching their heads as to why some employees take full advantage of the wellness program while others do not. While employers can make educated guesses about participation levels, it’s often hard to pinpoint the exact reason behind low participation.

We believe this could be because employees, in general, will not want to use more than about an hour a day on any health and wellness activities. Because time seems to be a huge factor in preventing employees from participating in health and wellness programs, we suggest that employers offer company time to participate rather than doing these things on their own personal time. The following are some of our ideas to increase employee participation in a Corporate Wellness program:

  • Offer employees 30 minutes (paid) of their workday to go to the gym and if there is an on-site workout room this will make participation even better.
  • Offer the employees 2 – 10 minute stretch or walk breaks during the day. A group stretch break first thing in the morning and just before the day ends can work wonders and is done successfully by a lot of organizations.
  • Host an employee wellness day once a month that involves fun activities, healthy foods and free chair massage.
  • Start a company sports team and participate in your city’s local corporate challenge which happened every year.
  • Turn regular conference room meetings in weekly chair or table massage rooms
  • Encourage employees to park further away from the building and if you are a “downtown” office this may even save the employee the cost of parking.
  • Start meetings off with a short guided meditation or breathing session. The employees may think this is a bit odd but with time will understand the importance and will likely implement such things into their daily routine in the workplace or at home.
  • Bring in a registered massage therapist once a week for 30 minutes sessions. If there is a benefit plan in place, massage is covered under most plans.

Reduce Stress

In every job there is good stress and bad stress. Good stress is what helps us meet deadlines, keeps us studying for exams and basically helps motivate us to complete goals. Bad stress is the chronic stress that just doesn’t go away and becomes what we call “chronic”. Chronic workplace stress is a very common thing which so many employees experience yet employers are sometimes not noticing or not taking seriously. But this kind of stress is overwhelming employees and at some point WILL affect their work.

We believe that on-site chair massage will not only allow employees to understand that the employer does care about their health but we believe that a relaxation massage in the workplace will significantly reduces levels of anxiety and stress in the workplace. Chair massage is an excellent fit in a corporate health setting for many reasons. Chair massage can be done in a relatively small area, and even a 5 minute massage can provide your employees multiple benefits. In a small amount of time your employee can relax their bodies and refocus their minds so that they can bring their best to their work.

Alleviate Discomfort

In every industry there is likely to be things causing employee discomfort whether that be work space ergonomics, duties that are highly repetitive in nature, duties that require heavy lifting or a job where the employee stands most of the day. Without proper interventions it is likely employees will at one point experience repetitive strain injuries, low back strains/sprains and other injuries potentially related to work.

We believe that in addition to participating in fitness activities, massage can alleviate a lot of workplace issues. “Massage therapy aids circulation and blood flow to help the body heal itself, helps with posture and quiets the mind. In addition, mini massages or weekly 10-15 minute onsite chair massages can act like a substitute for mediation, bringing people back into the present moment so they can focus on what is in front of them.

Massage for the whole office

On-site chair massage is typically appreciated by everyone. Bringing a 10-15 minute chair massage into the office weekly and/or adding it to a monthly employee appreciation event can provide relief to a large number of employees in a short period of time, doesn’t require the employee to change out of their work clothes and doesn’t need a large work space. Our massage chairs take a couple minutes to set up and take down making this service a perfect and quick solution to helping manage stress, anxiety and injury in the workplace.

Bringing Massage therapy to the work site is a very cost effective way to show the employees that the employer does care about their well being. When employees feel “taken care of” they tend to be more productive.

For 4 years, Custom Bodies Fitness and massage has been providing on-site chair massage not only as part of a corporate wellness programs but for corporate events.

We have the expertise and the right massage therapists so give us a call and upgrade your office and your Corporate wellness program by adding regular chair massage. Contact us today for a 1 hour demo chair massage at your business.

Corporate Wellness and Massage
Corporate wellness Massage Programs…The key to reduction of absenteeism due to illness, injury, stress or anxiety!

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