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Corporate Wellness Massage & Disability Management Programs…… Its not just the large corporations who are putting these programs place for their  employees….It is actually becoming common for smaller business to implement corporate wellness programs. Why do you think this is? The reasons are quite obvious.

We all know that time off due to injury and illness can have an impact on a businesses’ bottom line.

A healthier workforce means fewer sick days, increased productivity and a better bottom line. Some of the larger corporations may have the funding to put in place some pretty impressive corporate wellness programs which reportedly help to keep absenteeism down.

It can be harder for small business who have a lower number of  employees. In smaller businesses the employees may multitask and as a result the business would likely suffer more from absenteeism than a larger corporation having a number of employees doing similar jobs.

Corporate Wellness Massage & Disability Management
Corporate wellness Massage Programs…The key to reduction of absenteeism due to illness, injury, stress or anxiety!

We understand the challenges that absenteeism can present to both large and small businesses and we strongly believe that it doesn’t always take a elaborate wellness program to lower rates of injury and illness and subsequent absenteeism from work.

Sometimes known as office wellness or workplace wellness programs, corporate wellness initiatives include almost any activity aimed at improving the physical and/or mental health of a company’s staff. We strongly believe that a corporate wellness Massage Program implemented by the business could be enough to not only reduce absenteeism due to illness or injury but could increase productivity and moral among employees due to the belief that the employer really does care for their health and wellness.

The goals of a implementing a Custom Bodies Corporate Wellness Massage program can be everything from overcoming specific physical health issues, like physical pain, reducing stress and anxiety through the use of massage therapy in the workplace.

The benefits of offering a Corporate Wellness Massage Program include:

  • greater productivity
  • reductions in work related ill-health and injuries
  • lower workers compensation costs
  • a decrease in absenteeism and staff turnover
  • improving employee relations
  • a healthier work environment
  • enhancing your corporate image.

Corporate Wellness Massage Programs benefit both the employer and the employee especially when combined with a good health and safety program

A healthy and fit workforce is a win-win for everyone.

At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage, we have therapists who are experience therapists/personal trainers and have 20+ years experience in both Disability Claims Management including early intervention, modified returns to work and experience coordinating with all stake holders to ensure that employee’s receive what they need to stay in the the workplace.

For businesses looking to enhance an existing corporate wellness program or simply to put  a wellness massage program in place, combined with experienced Disability Management advice, contact us for details. 

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