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Description of Massage Treatments

Dynamic Cupping as part of your Massage – What exactly is it?

Cupping is the use of hollow devices such as bamboo, glass or silicone that are applied to the body. Suction is created inside the cup either by sucking the air out with a pump, by squeezing a flexible cup or by using fire. This suction causes the skin to rise bringing blood flow to the area.

Dynamic Cupping Massage
Dynamic Cupping Massage helps with pain relief!

At Custom Bodies Fitness and massage we perform both static and dynamic cupping. Static cupping is when the cups (either glass, plastic or silicone) are placed and left on the body for a certain period of time. Static cupping is best for treating specific areas.

Our therapists also use silicone cups as part of the massage treatment and they perform what is called Dynamic Cupping Massage where the cups are placed on the body and moved in conjunction with traditional massage techniques. The purpose of dynamic cupping massage is to create the compression effect of traditional massage combined with the negative lifting action of the cupping.

Dynamic Cupping Massage
Dynamic cupping promotes relaxation of the nervous system
Dynamic Cupping Massage
Dynamic Cupping massage helps to increase blood flow to areas

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No Show & Cancellation Policy – We require 24 hours notice to change, cancel and/or reschedule Massage Therapy appointments. If you need to cancel or change your scheduled appointment, please notify us 24 hours prior to your scheduled time by phone or email. If 24 hours is not given, the client will be responsible to pay for the full price of the scheduled appointment.

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