There are many massage studios in Edmonton but finding the right one can be a daunting task. That’s where Edmonton Massage review comes in. Reviews help you make a good decision on kind of the services to go for.

For some people, even the location of the massage studio matters. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that an expensive massage at a high-end resort is better than a cheaper one at a standard office complex.

Massage therapists use different techniques. Some prefer light touch massage while others prefer deeper techniques. To have a good experience, you first need to make a decision on the kind of massage you are looking for. The next step is to read massage reviews. What are other clients saying about the massage studio you are looking to visit? Are they satisfied or disappointed? Doing this will save you both time and money, and ensure you have the best time of your life.

Apart from giving you more information about the massage therapist and the massage studio, massage reviews also enable you to get to know the kinds of lotions or oils available, the cost, as well as what a decent tip for the therapist would be.

Examples of some types of massages

Different types of massages offer different experiences for the client. They are also priced differently. But how do you know the type of massage that is most suitable for you? Below is a brief overview of a few types of massages available in most massage studios:

  1. Sports Massage: this type of massage is mostly used for patients with one or more sport related strains or injuries. Apart from relieving overused muscles, sports massage techniques also help prevent future sports injuries.
  2. Custom massage: this is one of the most basic massage services available. Our massage sessions can be between 60 minutes and longer. During a massage session, the therapist focuses on all areas of your back. The therapist works through all of the areas that are causing difficulties for the client.
  3. Hot Stone massage: the therapist places hot stones on several parts of the client’s body. These hot stones help loosen up stressed or tightened muscles.
  4. Swedish massage: this type of massage focuses on the whole body. It is the most common. It is characterized by circular motions, long strokes, and mild kneading. The massage therapist uses massage oils and lotions.
  5. Deep tissue massage: this is one of the most advanced types of massage. During this massage, the massage therapist aims to get to the deeper layers of muscles and tissues that are stressed or tightened. To achieve this, the therapist uses hard strokes and deeper pressure. Deep tissue massage is commonly used to relieve chronic muscle pains as a result of sports injuries or occupational hazards.
  6. Shiatsu massage: this type of massage applies the acupuncture approach. The massage therapist applies finger pressure to pressure points of the body to release tension.

You will enjoy your massage a lot more if you know what you are getting into. Knowing your massage therapist helps you relax since you know you are safe. That’s why reading Edmonton massage reviews is important before making an appointment with a massage therapist.

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