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As we all know, the world we live in has changed. Finding your peace, finding our joy…accessing our inner calm seems an almost impossible feat.

Everyday lives can feel too rushed and everything we do is done is a frantically…as if we simply don’t have enough time in the day to get things done. It’s sometimes hard to think of any joy in this existence at all…. and we ask ourselves…. What is the purpose of life if all it is but a frantic race on a never-ending hamster wheel?

In what seems like a fast paced, social medial, digital nightmare, are we forgetting the most important things in life, like the ability to find peace and joy in our existence?

Finding your Peace
Finding your Joy

Finding our Joy….finding our peace in our fast paced ever changing world isn’t easy and it’s not realistic to think that there is a magic pill or a solution that will keep us happy all the time.

We can however, think about what it takes for us to find out joy, to find our peace and then work on developing the tools that will help us to be mindful, in our own way.

We all have unique ways of finding out joy…finding peace and I’ve outlined a few tips on how to begin:

1) Meditate – Happiness Training for the Brain

Take even 5 minutes at the beginning or end of your day…. It doesn’t matter where you are as this can be done anywhere.

Let the thoughts of your day enter your mind, acknowledge them and then let them float right out of your mind…. let go of your day in this same manner, let go of your entire week…. let go of all the “monkey” chatter in your brain…all of the things that don’t serve you in a positive and peaceful way. Just take this time to be “present” in this moment, turning your full attention to you…. making this 5-10 minutes only about you.

This is not easy at first because there will be a lot of chatter going on in the brain, but with patience and practice, finding that peace…slowing down that chatter will become easier and more natural over time…in the present moment.

Finding your Peace
Finding your Peace

2) Practice Gratitude

Take the time to write down all of the things in your life that you are truly grateful for. Make sure you don’t just write down the obvious ones… dig super deep and you will find the list will be long. Think about all that you have to be grateful for, review this list regularly, frame it, look at it daily and you will, with time develop a more grateful mindset.

3) Benefit your body…Benefit your mind

An exercise program will not only benefit your body but it will benefit the mind. Having a health mind and body reportedly helps people recover more quickly from stressful situations.

Find something you enjoy whether that be Yoga, Pilates, weight training, team sports or a combination of a variety of athletic activities and start slowly but make it a habit, make it a lifestyle. These activities can be found in gyms, through online personal training, outdoor activities and pretty much anywhere.

4) Reduce Clutter in Your Life

Most of us live with an excess of everything. Our lives are so full of things we don’t use…things we don’t need. Simply put, we have way too many things in our lives to take care of. More often than not we become addicted to having things. Make a point of asking looking at your life and asking yourself, “What can I get rid of? How can I declutter my life?”

5) Think before you give your opinion

People tend to state their opinions way too much and have you noticed that this can sometime…actually a lot of the time lead to some form of conflict, which is certainly not conducive to living a peaceful, mindful life. Opinion, though not a bad thing are often a product of our ego speaking. Before giving your opinion, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my opinion truth?
  • Is my opinion necessary?
  • Is my opinion beneficial to the person I’m giving it to?
  • Is the opinion I’m giving kind

6) Mindful Massage

Massage can offer a deep state of relaxation and it is the perfect opportunity to relax and un-plug from all the worries of the day, the week the year. It is an opportunity truly be present in the moment and to relax. Very similar to what is indicated in the first tip “meditation – Happiness Training for the Brain/Slowing down our thoughts”.

Having a therapist who understands mindful massage and the importance of breath when performing certain techniques on the client is critical. Basically, it is important to have a massage therapist who practices what they preach, to make mindful massage a power and calming treatment.

The reported benefits of all massage are:

The Benefits

  • Reduced muscle, joint, neck and head pain and tension
  • Improved relaxation and sleep
  • Reduction of anxiety, mood and hormonal swings
  • Greater vitality, improved digestion
  • Quicker recovery when training and from injury
  • Deep relaxation and calming

So go ahead and start by giving your brain a 5-10 minute time out and begin practicing all of the things that will guide on your way to becoming more at peace, more joyful, more mindful.

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