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Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage is passionate about helping you kids learn and build the fundamentals of fitness that last a lifetime.
What I’m going to say may seem completely absurd or even contradictory but it is completely true: although today’s kids seem incredibly intelligent and wiser in the ways of the world, their bodies are becoming so incredibly deconditioned and unhealthy than ever before!!Building the Fundamentals of Fitness for Teens

Is it because of all the conveniences all of the advances of our modern world That Has created this completely absurd paradox?? Is it a world that is completely paralyzed by everything that is digital..by everything that is social media? If so, then our children must be developing a completely unreal view of the world! Are these the things that have completely disconnected our children and their parents from the importance Play? I don’t mean playing video games and watching TV… I mean the old-fashioned kind of play involving the actual physical movement of the body.

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How are the children of today and tomorrow supposed to grow into conscious healthy participants in our society.. when their entire world consists of gaMing and Snap chatting? When parents are excepting of this because it’s an easy way to get out of real and active parenting of their children!
Look around you!! More often than not you will see overweight and obese teenagers tipping the scales at alarming rates it’s only getting worse!!
According to the 2016 health Canada reporting on childhood obesity trends in Canada Although obesity rates over the past decade tend to be remaining stable or declining a little excess weight still remains prevalent. Ongoing monitoring of childhood obesity will provide useful information to assist with sustained actions to promote healthy weights.
Health Canada also indicates That the trends for obesity or higher among lower income families and more prevalent in certain areas of Canada.
Building the Fundamentals of Fitness
Why should teens do weight training? Because it builds muscle strength, tones the body, builds endurance, develops stronger bones and even promotes weight loss. But they need to do strength training properly to avoid injury and weight training should not begin too early.
It’s time that we as parents get more involved in getting our kids out of the house.. and I don’t mean just telling them to go outside and play because it’s us who has put them in a position where in activity has become their way of life! It’s about us as parents setting that example becoming involved and helping our children for one new and healthy lifestyles they will carry forward and teach their own children and their children’s children!
At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage , we are passionate about helping our children become fit and healthy and we know the importance of starting healthy habits at a young age,”
After all “ it takes a village” to raise our children! It takes us all to put in the effort to get our children healthy and moving again!!!
Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage will be formulating a Fitness for Teens guide that will introduce the teen to health, fitness and wellness will introduce youth to the basics of fitness and weight training.
Ask us about a Beginner TRAINING PROGRAM FOR TEENS  where we will set goals that will engage the youth and inspire them to wards forming a healthy, active lifestyle.
check out our Free Beginner weightlifting E-book and remember to thank us by commenting, sharing on all of your own social media pages.

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