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Getting Out of your Slump and Over the Hump

Life happens. Stuff gets thrown at you that you just can’t handle, and sometimes, you just need a break from everything healthy and fitness-related. Some comfort food, a night off, and a movie are a good solution every once in a while, but when it becomes a cyclic habit, you’ve got to find a way to get out of your slump and back on top of your game. Once you’ve been out of your cycle even for a few days, it can be difficult to start up again; after all, watching movies and eating junk food takes way less effort than going to the gym or working out does. How do you get back into the swing of things after one of those slumps, when all your motivation is gone? Here are some quick tips that will get you back on track:

1) Commit yourself

Saying you’re going to go to the gym is one thing, but actually going is another. Get yourself excited about working out: think about how good you feel after the workout is done, convince a friend to go with you so you have company, or put together a flaming playlist that’ll have you jamming out the entire time you’re there. One way or another, make a commitment to get out there and be active. The same goes for eating healthy: take some you time, bake something yummy, blare some music, and food prep—it works! Suddenly the prep time that was once painful effort becomes time for you to relax, de-stress, and prepare for the week ahead.

2) Do it slowly

Don’t go from a week on the couch to a hard workout every day: that’ll make the change-over so much harder! Take your jump back in slowly, work your way up to where you were, and then challenge yourself to go further. Give yourself that bowl of salty chips, but just once every three days instead of every day, and then slowly wean yourself off. Your body will be much happier with you if you take things slow—for the first while at least.

If you suddenly realize you’re in a slump — Ask yourself what’s missing. Go deep and identify what it is that’s lacking in your life. In a few moments of concentrated silence, your inner voice will tell you. Listen to it!!

3) Make a schedule and stick to it

Schedules are hard and keeping to them is even harder. I find that the best way to figure out a schedule is to add small things to the schedule you already have. It’s easy to add a little bit of spinach to the smoothie you already usually have, to use your hour-long reading break to work out instead, or to turn your TV time into workout time instead. Making small changes to the schedule you already have will make your adaptation period far easier!

See? Getting yourself out of that slump isn’t as hard as it looks! Not that I encourage slumping every time something doesn’t go your way, but when you really need a couple of days off, now you know how to get yourself back up into the grind.

Time to get up off the couch, leave your chocolate behind, and get ready to go, because it’s go time!

You’ve got this!

Kyra has an incredible talent for writing and we are grateful that she has agreed to guest blog for us. She has given our readers some incredible content. Follow Kyra on Instagram at TheHardyBeatles and on her website www.thehardybeatles.wordpress.com

Kyra Droog
Kyra Droog - Writer
Kyra Droog – Writer

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