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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage, we use a hot tub as a form of pre-massage hydrotherapy.  It is a perfect warmup before your treatment. Hydrotherapy is known to help relax muscles, increase circulation, and reduce stress before you’re on the massage table.

However, the choice is always up to the client as to whether it is incorporated into the massage or not. It simply means arriving 15 minutes prior to the scheduled massage session to allow for a 10 minute hydrotherapy soak.

We believe that soaking for 10 minutes in hot water, at 100-105° F, relaxes the muscles, drawing out lactic acid. This loosens tight areas, deep in muscles and connective tissue surrounding joints. It reduces inflammation of joints, reduces blood pressure and increases oxygen flow to painful areas. It will make your massage more enjoyable and effective, and easier for your therapist.

Hydrotherapy, or the use of water at varying temperatures for therapeutic benefits.

Our hot tub uses Bromine as a sanitizer instead of Chlorine so there is no need to shower prior to having your massage. Bromine has a lot of advantages over using chlorine. It may cost us a little more, but it lasts longer and does a much better job than chlorine at killing bacteria, especially at high temperatures and high pH levels. Bromine is also easier on the skin, and is usually selected by folks with sensitive skin or eyes.

We encourage clients, to  drink lots of water after your massage as both massage and hot tubbing use a lot of your body’s water, so replenish with water.

No Show & Cancellation Policy – We require 24 hours notice to change, cancel and/or reschedule Massage Therapy appointments. If you need to cancel or change your scheduled appointment, please notify us 24 hours prior to your scheduled time by phone or email. If 24 hours is not given, the client will be responsible to pay for the full price of the scheduled appointment.

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