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Kinetic Cupping Massage – Edmonton & Beaumont

Also referred to as Kinetic cupping massage, Dynamic Cupping Massage,  Dynamic Cupping, Kinetic Cupping, Negative Pressure Massage or simply “Cupping”.

For Those of you Familiar with Traditional Cupping, Kinetic or Dynamic Cupping Massage Cupping is slightly Different.

Kinetic or Dynamic cupping massage combines traditional massage techniques and movements along with the use of a cup like “suction” device to create negative pressure or “pull” on the skin. In Kinetic or Dynamic cupping massage, silicone cups are applied to the treatment area in order to increase blood flow and relieve heat and stagnation in areas of the body that are tense, tight or in pain. The word “kinetic” or “dynamic” simply refers to movement of the cups during the massage. Basically we use the cups to make massage movements along the length and width of the muscles to identify and relieve any adhesions that are discovered between layers of superficial and deeper fascia, since restrictions in fascia are sometimes a major source of ones muscular pain.

Kinetic Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy, although quite a popular treatment is nothing new.

The history of Cupping Therapy developed over time from the original use of the hollowed animal horns to drain toxins out of snakebites and skin lesions. Horns evolved into bamboo cups, which were eventually replaced by glass. Therapeutic applications evolved with the refinement of the cup itself, and with the cultures that employed cupping as a health care technique. The true origin of cupping therapy remains in obscurity.

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Kinetic Cupping Massage – uses compression of traditional massage combined with the reverse effect or lifting action of cupping to make space where adhesions occur.

The Chinese expanded the utilization to include use in surgery to divert blood flow from the surgery site. Cupping eventually developed into a separate therapy, with healers treating a variety of conditions. Early written records date from 28 AD, and a traditional Chinese saying indicated “acupuncture and cupping, more than half the ills cured”. Chinese medicine observes that cupping dispels stagnation of Blood and Chi, along with external pathogenic factors that invade a weakened constitution. A depleted constitution is often a result of depleted “Jing Chi” or original essence. This will usually progress to a weakened “Wei Chi”, or defence (immune system).

The Egyptians produced a text on ancient medicine that discussed the use of cupping for conditions such as fever, pain, vertigo, menstruation imbalances, weakened appetite and accelerating the “healing crisis” of disease. From the Egyptians, cupping was introduced to the Greeks and eventually spread to ancient cultures in many countries of Europe and even the Americas.

In recent history, European and American doctors widely used cupping in practice into the 1800′s. Research papers were written in the 19th century, and a collaborative effort between the former Soviet Union and China confirmed the clinical efficacy of cupping therapy. It became an official therapy to be found in all Chinese hospitals

Benefits of Kinetic Cupping Massage and using silicone cups

The silicone cups we use come in many different sizes and they easily change shape; making for an amazing array of places these cups can be fit and used on the body. The cups are much more supple than other more “traditional” types of cups and are much easier to manipulate. Places that traditional cups are difficult or impossible to be used on, like the elbows, knees, scapulae, hands, feet, abdominals, shoulders, spine, etc., etc., etc.

Bony prominences are no longer off limits to these moving and flexible cups. The flexibility of these cups makes them the best choice in our deep tissue massage applications. They are also clear so you can see the actual work that you are doing as opposed to the opaque soft cups available today.

kinetic cupping massage
Parked on sponsored athlete, Hannah!

Common Conditions Treated by Kinetic Cupping Massage

There are a number of common ailments that can be treated using dynamic cupping massage, including:

  • Shoulder, neck, and back pain
  • Numbness in hands or feet
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Hip tension
  • Upper leg pain
  • Knee pain
  • IT Band Syndrome
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Plantar Fasciitis

As you can see, Kinetic or dynamic cupping massage therapy is a highly useful treatment that can address a wide range of health issues.

At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage, our therapists are certified Kinetic Massage therapists and primarily use Soft Silicone Cups incorporated into all full-body deep tissue massage sessions. It is a slightly different experience in that cups are not left in place for very long and are moved along with massage strokes until the tight or troubled areas are found at which time we focus directly on these areas.

Reach out to us to discuss incorporating kinetic or dynamic cupping into your massage session.

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