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Are you a loyal client of a particular massage clinic but frequently cancels a session? You’re probably too tired from work to drive to your spa or having difficulty sneaking away from your kids.

Worry no more! There is already massage at home services available in Edmonton. This is commonly called mobile therapy.

Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage in Edmonton is a massage therapy clinic that offers a mobile massage therapy. This allows you to enjoy instant relaxation without having to go to a massage clinic. It is definitely a fuss-free alternative. All you need is a massage table or chair.

Is Massage At Home For You?

Definitely yes! Basically, it is for anyone who wishes to stay at their place rather than to visit a massage spa. Who can benefit from this type of massage service?

Work-At-Home Individuals

For busy home-based folks, every minute counts. A massage at home Edmonton service is great on so many fronts. First of all, you don’t have to dress up to go out. You don’t have to wait for hours for your turn at the clinic.

At home, you can head straight back to whatever you are doing after the session. If you schedule your massage after your work at home, you can even prolong your relaxation experience by taking a nap or a warm bath. If you a full-time mom, on the other hand, you may schedule an appointment when the kids are at school or right before retiring for the evening so you will have your complete “me time.”

The best of it all, you can forget about traveling to and from the massage clinic. You can also put the traffic or parking problem behind you when you are booked for an in-home massage session.

Elderly or People With Disabilities

Joint pain, arthritis, and other chronic conditions are common in elderly people. A therapeutic massage therapy helps relieve the discomfort and pain caused by these conditions.

Pregnant Women or New Moms

They may also benefit in this kind of set-up with a trained and certified prenatal massage therapist. Prenatal massage can be a relaxing way to relieve back pain during pregnancy. It can also improve mood and reduce joint swelling.

New mothers, on the other hand, can have what is called postpartum massage. Some new moms experience temporary postpartum depression due to hormonal changes and difficulty in adjusting to the new responsibilities. Studies show massage helps in treating postpartum depression.Massage at Home in Edmonton and Beaumont

It also boosts circulation which then increases milk production. It also helps in hormone regulation and aid in quick healing or C-section recovery.

Massage Party

Massage outside a clinic doesn’t mean it should be in your house. Even when you are away from home, you can still avail the services of mobile therapy in other location or setting. For instance, you can set up a couple of chair for your friend’s bridal shower. The guests will be treated to a soothing massage for at least 15 minutes per person.

This type of massage session is likewise great for people who are on a vacation or as part of an office staff retreat. The service can be done by more than one therapist or by setting up several massage chairs.

Introverted Person

Massage at home Edmonton is also great for people who easily become anxious in unfamiliar places or people. Having a massage in an environment that you are accustomed to, like your home, is more comfortable and you will be able to relax more quickly.

Athletes or Trainer

If you are a gym owner or a trainer for a group of athletes, you can book a session at your gym for your members or athletes.

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