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What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy Wellness Programs for Employees and for Employers?

Massage has so many benefits whether you go for to a spa, get the therapist to come to your home or whether chair massage or table massage is being provided to employees in a business or corporate environment.

But what are the benefits of bringing a Massage Therapy Wellness Program into the workplace for employees?

Convenience, Accessibility and Choice

  • The convenience of having the treatment available in the workplace means employees are more likely to use the service.
  • Having the option of a chair massage which could be a quick 10-15 upper back and neck treatment that will do wonders if you have a head forward type of job, such as working on a computer.
  • Having the option to have a table massage that could be anywhere from a 4-hand, full body massage where two therapists get a deep tissue massage done in 20-45 mins or you could simply have an areas specific full-body table massage done on your lunch hour. Again it comes down to treatment being available and assessable to employees with no travel time at all.

Other Benefits for Employees

  • Human touch is incredibly therapeutic and as a result, massage helps manage stress and anxiety allowing the client to relax and “let go” of whatever else might be happening in their day, that simply doesn’t serve them in a positive way.
  • Massage reportedly helps to increase levels of energy, feelings of wellbeing and mental alertness.
  • Massage reportedly helps to manage numerous injuries and pathologies.

What are the Benefits of a Massage Therapy Wellness Program for Employers?

Although a lot of businesses have corporate wellness programs implemented, there are still a lot of employer’s who don’t have a good understanding of what to implement, how to get a wellness program started. They may also believe that implementing a corporate wellness massage program may be to costly for the business. Well there are so many benefits to the business and NO, it doesn’t have to costly.

1. Corporate Wellness Massage provided is shown to increase employee productivity

Poor employee productivity can be defined as physically being at work but not working.  We like to refer to this type of productivity is called presenteeism. Simply put, these are employees who are physically present at the workplace, but “mentally absent” and not producing, the same as physically absent workers.

Worksites able to reduce presenteeism can experience meaningful gains in employee productivity. To see how worksite wellness programs can reduce presenteeism, it is necessary to first understand exactly what causes it.

Worksite wellness programs seem to have a real focus on reducing costs which is understandable but it needs to be understood that the benefits of having healthy employees extends well beyond simply reducing health care costs.

Presenteeism is here to stay, and it will only get worse if the realization of its existence doesn’t occur.

An easy, affordable and viable way to start improving employee health and wellness and lower presenteeism is to implement an effective Massage Therapy Wellness Program. One that will engage the employee and allow them to understand that their employer wants to take care of them.

We strongly believe that with the employer will notice a difference as employees and people in general will give more if they feel “taken care of”.

2. Decrease in absenteeism

Absenteeism is the similar to Presenteeism except it describes any worker who is not present in the work place.

Instituting corporate wellness programs such as Massage  increases attendance by decreasing some of the reasons for absenteeism.

3. Helps to Decrease Work Related Claims or General Illness Claims

The fewer sick and injured employees you have making insurance claims, the lower your health care costs, including insurance premiums.

Early intervention through the use of Corporate Wellness Massage Programs, coordinating with other treatment providers and modified return to work programs all lead to a decrease of not only work related claims but to Time-lost claims.

At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage, we have therapists who are experience therapists/personal trainers and have 20+ years experience in both Disability Claims Management including early intervention, modified returns to work and experience coordinating with all stake holders to ensure that employee’s receive what they need to stay in the the workplace.


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