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Meal Prep Monday with Candis!

I am a big supporter of meal prep and YES I do know that you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to meal prep and I know that it is a big time saver for those of us who are trying to keep up with life and when the mention of “what’s for supper tonight?” can throw us into a complete panic.

Although I am a big supporter of meal prep, I also struggle with feeling as though I can even find to prepare an entire week worth of meals for my family. My daughter, who is a high performance athlete and university student, religiously meal preps every week….I completely admire the time she takes to prep the most incredibly healthy meals, taking care to measure so she eats within her macros. And then I begin rethinking the entire idea of meal prep and I know that with the right meal planning and input from my family, “I CAN DO THIS”.

Although seemingly a daunting task, there are options for meal prep to make it easier

  1. Just prepare the marinade.

    Buy like 10-20 pounds of chicken breasts, thighs, whatever. Portion them out into ziplocks and then pour in one of the marinades. Lay flat and freeze. When you need a quick meal, take it out the day before and as it defrosts, it is also marinading. Works great.

  2. If You are meal prepping – Keep the recipes simple and then Make one and freeze one. – 

    Obviously, I’m not an expert but this does make sense if you are a beginner or a seasoned meal prepper.  If You need to prep some food at some point (you know, to stay alive!), so you might as well cook double when you are already cooking, and freeze one for later. The best options to do this are for pastas, casseroles, and things like meatloaf and Shepard’s pie.

    Screen Shot 2018 01 31 at 5.58.27 PM 300x156 - Meal Prep Mondays  - Make Ahead Meals with Candis!
    Meal Prep Monday

  3. Do you food prep planning – even if you can’t prep anything.  – 

    Step one to meal prepping and planning is to make a plan. Even if you don’t prep anything, just having a dinner plan for each day of the week will free up time and energy trying to figure out what to throw together.  You will be surprised how this simple task can alleviate dinner stress while also helping you make meal time decisions with your head and not your stomach!

    precious time
    Time is our most valuable resource!

  4. When you bring your groceries home, get things chopped up even if your not doing the full prep today! – 

    Meal prep doesn’t mean doing in all at once. You could begin by simply prepping the veggies and other things needed to cook the healthy things that you’ve put on your plan. Remember that when healthy food choices are easily accessible, you are more likely to grab them and cook with them!

    Meal plan and prep
    Meal Prep – Saves time and money!

  5. Hire a professional meal planning/meal prepping company – If you are able to do this then its very easy because you order what your family needs, the meals are prepared for you, packaged for you and delivered right to your door. It is fabulous and easy in a world the most valuable resource we have is our TIME….so don’t waste it if you can hire a quality meal planner/prepper.

Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage is excited to introduce Candis Ahmad is coordinating with us to provide Meal Prep Mondays. it is a fabulous way of helping us get into meal planning. Not only will she provide recipes but she guides you through the entire process. Keep your eyes open for next Monday when Candace will be prepping a vegetarian week of meals.

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