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The benefits of massage are known for reducing stress, anxiety and feelings of depression but massage also reportedly assists in the reduction of pathologies related to stress.

So what exactly would beat a massage in a 5-star, world-class spa? How about a massage therapist who brings that same 5-star, world-class service to you… in the comfort and privacy of your own home or hotel room?

We live in what I call the “acceleration society”. This is a society where we are TOO BUSY…. TOO BUSY to sit down for family dinners, TOO BUSY to relax and read a book, TOO BUSY to start or even finish projects around the home, TOO BUSY to take the time for our own health and wellness. We have become pretty much TOO BUSY to just STOP! I hear it all the time…. “I’m TOO BUSY to cook and therefore, I have a hard time eating healthy”….”I’m TOO BUSY to go to the gym and therefore, I have a hard time getting and staying fit”…I’m TOO BUSY for things like going for a massage and therefore, I can’t seem to take advantage of available benefit plans specifically there for my health and wellness”.

Our lives have become so busy, it has become difficult to “fit in” those things that nourish us…things that bring us real happiness and peace…time with the ones we love, time for our health and wellness or just time alone to just be mindful…to be “in the moment”.

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So take time to slow it down and find ways to  “fit in” those things that nourish us…that help us find happiness and peace:

  • If you don’t have an hour a day for exercise, start with 10 minutes per day and over the next 21 days; increase it by even just a minute per day. It’s simple to take a minute to simply do functional type, body weight exercises beside your desk at work or take 5 minutes every hour to walk the office stairs.
  • Taking time to prepare a healthy lunch can be easier than you think. Its called “Flexible Eating”…. simply download “MYFITNESSPAL”, set your goal on the application and let it tell you the macros you need to reach those goals.
  • Don’t have time to get the hair done? People may not know this but there are mobile stylists…Check out your local businesses pages, you will be surprised.
  • Don’t have time to get treatment for the MVA or injury? Get a massage…In fact…get a MOBILE MASSAGE. At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage, you can book right online for a variety of massage types and we have therapists who are certified in sports massage, orthopaedic massage, IASTM (A Graston like technique also called Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue mobilization), STR (soft tissue release), Trigger point therapy and other types of massage, all customized to fit your specific needs.

The benefits of getting a massage in the comfort of your own home or hotel room are countless and include eliminating hassles like having to drive through rush hour traffic or finding your way in an unfamiliar location while on vacation. Having an experienced massage therapist come to you is one of the most convenient ways have bringing health and wellness right to your door.

This greatly reduces stress, both before and after the massage, so that you can benefit most deeply from the state of relaxation that massage promotes. Just think, no getting into the car and dealing with stressful traffic situations only minutes after being in a state of relaxed bliss. If you are at home, you can take a bath, read a book, sit on the patio, or go right to bed and fully experience the benefits from your massage.

It is a fact that people feel more comfortable in their own space. Whether it has to do with social anxiety about going out, being sensitive to energies, smells, or other stimuli in a public spa or massage clinic, or just a feeling of more restful peace in your own home, having a mobile massage service can eliminate the need to leave the house, which in turns helps to feel more relaxed and have a better overall massage experience.

For people dealing with serious injuries that might have been the result of a Motor Vehicle Accident, a work or sporting injury, it may be difficult to get to a massage studio but our therapists come to you so that you can experience the benefits of massage. Many forms of massage reportedly assist in healing from injuries and accidents so having a qualified therapist who can come to you is often something that people really need but may not get because they are not able to get around. Forming a relationship with a qualified massage therapist can be a huge support in the recovery process from injury or debilitating pain. Not only are our therapists experienced but all documentation required for insurance companies will be prepared by them.

There are other reasons a person might want to have an in-home massage, including mothers who have small children or are breastfeeding. Most mobile therapists are flexible with issues like this, and a mom can get a much-needed massage and still meet the needs of babies or small children. Mobile massage therapists are also much more likely to have a flexible schedule, often working evenings or weekends which works better for many working professionals and parents.

Is mobile massage more expensive?

The answer is YES and NO! Again, it depends on the service. As with any service, there are wide ranges in prices for mobile anything

At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage we truly understand not only the challenges of maintaining health and wellness due to our “busy lives” but we also understand the in this day and age watching our finances are critical and this means getting 5-star service at decent prices which allow us to “get the most” out of our benefit plans. This is the reason we like to stay competitive and very close to keeping our mobile massage prices in line with what you might find in a spa or in a massage studio.

This benefits you as a massage client, which is important to us. Just imagine, a professional massage experience without leaving the house that is more affordable, more flexible, and benefits everyone involved. That just about sums up why mobile massage has become so popular.

Why go to the spa when our therapists can bring a 5-star, world-class service to you and leave you feeling relaxed and happy!

So if you’d like to eliminate the inconvenience of weather, traffic conditions or if you are just “too busy”, then why not stay at home…. stay in your hotel room and let us come to you.

Book with Edmonton’s best and most economical mobile massage service and experience world-class massage therapy service in the comfort of your home, your vacation retreat, your resort, or your hotel!

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