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As a massage therapist, my primary concern is the health and wellness of the “whole” client. A much neglected body part is the face. We tend to focus on the rest of the body, forgetting that the face and head are in need of care as well. This is what brought my focus to the natural facelift massage.

Around the world and throughout time, people have been obsessed with the preservation and enhancement of beauty. Today, the goal is the same: We want to preserve the delicate nature of our skin’s health and vitality, and this desire fuels a multibillion-dollar industry. As holistic health practitioners, we understand that clients shouldn’t have to spend a fortune in order to achieve their desired facial goal. Real beauty is natural and comes from within.

A Growing Market

In the U.S., almost 10,000 people will turn 65 every day over the next two decades, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As baby boomers age—the youngest among them are now 51—anti-aging and beauty-preservation techniques will continue to be in demand. This is especially true for natural techniques. In response to this demand, technologies have been created to focus on infusing products into the skin to deliver results, but these mechanisms can be pricey and their effects questionable.

Physicians also offer procedures that aid in the battle against aging—but treatments such as Botox, fillers and surgical face-lifts are not only expensive and invasive, they can have documented long-term or even irreversible side effects. And despite the many promises offered or the latest fad in ingredients, which do help to keep skin in better shape, there are no miracle face-lifts to be found in a jar.

Natural Facelift Massage

The quest for eternally youthful looks is an age-old preoccupation, but today it has escalated into a passionate obsession as never before. Longevity as a result of medical advances and health awareness has meant that anti-ageing is now at the forefront of lifestyle choices.

From ancient times to the present day, health and beauty treatments have been the friend or foe of many a woman. Cleopatra famously bathed in asses’ milk to preserve her youth and good looks, while Elizabethan women used lead and arsenic as part of their beauty regime, dying slow toxic deaths as a consequence.

Today’s trends progress in a similar vein. As natural beauty regimes continue to thrive, the synthetic market does a roaring trade with plastic surgery, botox, fillers and anti-ageing creams. Some disaster stories make headlines while a huge number go unreported.

As a massage therapist and an individual over the age of 50, I to am always asking the question…..  “What else can I do for not only myself but for my clients, to rejuvenate and keep the face looking youthful?” and the same answer always comes to mind…. something natural, something that feels good and will deliver tighter skin, resulting in diminished wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines and frown lines. This is when I started looking into massage therapy and the impact of massage on the face.

The face is no different from the rest of the body so why is it that it is rarely part of the massage session? This is when I began thinking of what I could do to offer a style of massage that would not only feel good but would help people to look fresh, lifted and stress free.  The answer was adding natural facelift massage techniques to my practice.

Specialized Techniques

Natural Facelift Massage was created by Kundan and Narendra Mehta, who also brought Indian Head Massage to the West about 20 years ago. It has changed in some ways over time, but the basic sequence of movements remains the same. Natural Facelift Massage is a technique that uses various modalities, including myofascial release, energy balancing, healing pulse, ayurvedic pressure points and manual lymph drainage. It is completely natural, it uses no creams or lotions, and its roots stem from the practices of both Indian and Western influences. Results are visible after the first treatment, although at least six one-hour sessions at least once a week are recommended for the accumulative effects.

How it works is quite simple. The face and neck have a structure similar to the rest of the body: bones, muscles, skin, connective tissue, blood and lymph—and the face requires the same attention as the rest of the body to keep fit and healthy.

Specialized massage techniques and manual lymph drainage are perfect tools for that synchronization. Massage helps to increase circulation, promoting oxygenation of facial muscles and tissues. It also aids in the removal of adhesions and possible scar tissue between muscle fibers and fascia. Manual lymph drainage removes metabolic wastes by pushing them to lymph nodes for disposal. This paves the way for nutrients to flow through clean blood plasma, resulting in nourished and rejuvenated skin.

Natural Facelift Massage is also relaxing. Most clients fall asleep within the first five minutes of the massage. Facelift massage can also have benefits beyond the skin: Some clients have stated it improved their digestion. For other clients, it brought clarity to sinuses, and lessened or erased migraines and headaches.

“I have found it useful in relieving migraines and sinus pressure, providing relief to those who suffer from TMJ [problems], and increasing toxin elimination through lymphatic drainage,” Lane added. “Clients are always impressed with how rejuvenated they both look and feel.”

How is the treatment offered to clients

Natural Facelift Massage can be offered as a stand-alone therapy, or as a way of complementing a massage treatment, extending the session by 60 to 90 minutes. A massage therapist in private practice can charge between $100 and $200 for a Natural Facelift Massage session, depending on the length of session and the market he/she practices in.

Practitioners must actually take specific training to be able to provide the service so asking your therapist to provide proof of certification is a wise thing for the client.

Parts of this article originally appeared in Massage Magazine & was written by Yuri Esperson.

At your next massage, your therapist may or may not offer facelift massage but make sure to ask the a few extra minutes be spent focusing on the muscles of the face and scalp as massaging these areas will stimulate the muscles in the same way that a full-body  massage does. Bringing  blood flow and oxygen to the facial area is a natural form of anti aging skin care in itself. More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion.

If this type of massage is of interest to our clients, we welcome your input and would consider bringing the facelift massage to our clinic.


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