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Traditionally, you go to the gym to get in shape. But that is not always possible with your modern busy lifestyle. Today, in this digital world, everyone is basically connected including on how to keep your body fit and healthy. Fitness experts are offering online training programs that allow you to get the workout you need anywhere and at any time.

In many ways, virtual fitness workout is like being trained by an expert in a gym. But since it is done through the web, you can have a trainer from anywhere in the world. How cool is that? The question is how effective it is in comparison to the traditional in-gym workout? More significantly, how safe it is?

Here are some of the pros and cons of having an online fitness trainer. From here, you can decide if this something for you or not.



This is one of the main reasons why many love the virtual workout. Since the sessions are not done in-person, the client can choose the best time to complete his workout.

If you are into at-the-gym personal training, chances are your sessions are scheduled a week or so in advance. This means you have to follow the time slot. Should any changes occur at work or at home, then you either lose the session or have to re-book it. Either way, your training progress is affected.

In online fitness training, the workout is tailored to your schedule. Your custom video workout program will be delivered electronically which means you can access it anytime and in any location. This is great especially for those who travel frequently. Moreover, you don’t have to look for a gym at the place you are going or wait for the gym opening time.

Less expensive

For money-crunched individuals, a virtual trainer can be the perfect solution. Affordability is one of the main reasons why online fitness training is booming. Typically, the cost is significantly less than most per-hour in-person sessions.

Since in-gym trainers tend to get booked up pretty early, new clients find it very difficult to get sessions. Such demand for trainers leads to a rise in session prices. In online fitness training, you can book a trainer who can provide you with a month-long training program for the same cost as an hour training with a gym instructor.

Global Reach

You can now employ the services of world-renowned coaches all over the world. This is great especially for those who seek for only the best. Online fitness training gives you an opportunity to find the person that fits your goals and budget. Should you want a celebrity weight loss expert, no problem. The solution is on your fingers.

Diverse Expertise

You will be presented with tons of data about fitness training rather than be limited to the knowledge of the trainers at your local gym. Traditionally gym-based personal training programs tend to focus on the physical aspect of the training. Any additional assistance, say in your diet, requires more time from the trainer and consequently, your bill will go up. Online trainers, on the other hand, help their clients not only in their workout but also in nutrition and diet, lifestyle adjustment, stress management, and more.


No One is There to Correct You

The crucial difference between an online training to a traditional one is that the trainer isn’t next to you when your exercise. The lack of physical contact is the main drawback of this type of training as it can lead to many things that do not favor the client such as safety. In an online setting, there is no one watching if you are doing the proper technique for the given exercise. This could reduce the efficiency of your workout and even pose a danger.

Short in Motivation

Motivation is a big factor to achieve your fitness goal. In online fitness training, it can be hard to stay motivated. The main reason is that no one is physically present to push you to train.

Having a real-life trainer can boost your motivation and makes sure you’re doing your exercises the right way. Moreover, contact with gym buddies can be extremely helpful. These people can provide you with advice and motivation that you may not get somewhere else.

Inaccurate Progress

Your online trainer could struggle to actually assess the success of your program as he is not physically monitoring your workout. He will solely rely on your honesty when providing feedback on how your weekly workout schedule went.

As for the question of effectiveness, most trainers think it boils down to motivation. Whether it is in a traditional gym or online, the effectiveness always relies on how motivated the client is to achieve his or her goals.

Which is Best For You?

Online fitness training does work, however, it is definitely not for everyone. If you are a beginner in the fitness world and haven’t developed your skills of self-motivation yet, a face-to-face training could be the best for you.

For those who have an extremely busy lifestyle, an online trainer is a great way to go. On the other hand, those who are already into training for a long time, either of the two would do. You can even combine both to achieve an optimum result and guarantee the best workout experience possible.

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