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Pediatric Sport Massage – Why?

Did you know that the recommendation is 60 minutes of medium to intense physical activity a day for your child?

Hockey, baseball, dancing, lacrosse and other activities are just some sports your child may participate in. In fact, some of our clients at Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage are involved in as much as 3-5 sporting activities both as part of school teams and competitive teams.

When children, like any other athlete, participate in sports there is a chance that injury will occur. This may be an acute type of injury such as a sprain, strain or fracture or it might be a progressive injury resulting from repetitive movements.

Whether it be to maintain a healthy body or to recover from an injury it is very important that children are getting the right therapy on a regular basis. We believe that getting regular massage, physiotherapy and other self-care options will not only be preventative but if your child does have an injury it will help to facilitate a speedier recovery.

Parents may even wonder if massage can actually help to enhance performance. We believe that it can.

Regular massage treatments will not only help with relaxation but will assist with increased blood flow (circulation) to the muscles, less muscular tension and may help to increase joint range of motion.  All of these benefits are sure to allow for muscles and joints to recover while decreasing post physical activity soreness and preparing your little athlete for the next sport event.

There are so many physical benefits of massage, but the following are some psychological effects:

  • Your child will sleep better
  • May reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • May help the child with increased ability to concentrate

Massage can help to ease tension in those often over used muscles that happen when kids are active.  

Children experience so much stress that comes not only from school but from being involved in competitive sports and so often adults overlook the fact that children need the self-care that comes with massage, as much or more than adults do.

Pediatric massage is available at Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage by our Registered Massage Therapists Patricia and Thomas. Please reach out to us to discuss pediatric massage for your child.

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