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Every year, when spring rolls around a lot of us will start talking about getting fit for summer…to have that six pack…. that beach body.

Unfortunately, we don’t think about the fact that pushing our bodies beyond its limits can have a negative effect on our bodies. We fail to take account of the effects that an entire winter with little or not physical activity can have on the body and it is not surprising that these summer fitness goals end because of fatigue and excessively sore muscles.

Adding excessive amounts of activity after a period of inactivity it is simply a shock to our bodies and our bodies just can’t cope. Some of us will “hang in” but most will give up, returning to previous “bad habits”.

sports massage
Weekend Warrior? Sore Muscles? Massage Can Help!Weekend warriors usually end up with sore muscles. Sports massage or Therapeutic Massage can help before and after you tackle your athletic activities.

The key to fitness success is to start our gradually and listen to how your body feels.  You might be surprised, but our bodies are actually pretty smart. If we take the time to listen to what our body tells us, a lot of injures and conditions could be avoided. If you are in pain that is something your body is trying to tell you something. Think of pain as you would your “check engine” light and don’t ignore it. Pain can be a signal that you are overtraining or that you are already injured!

Don’t just jump into a crazy difficult exercise regime – start out light and gradually increase what you are doing based on how your body feels. And always remember to warm up with dynamic type exercises or by using the foam roller and never forget your cool down exercises and/stretching. Equally important is to give your body some love by introducing massage…more specifically, Sport massage.

Sports Massages reportedly help in not only preventing injury but also enable faster recovery following your workouts.

At all levels of sports, Sports Massage plays a very important role in athlete recovery. So for that “weekend warrior” or that person with very demanding job duties, massage should not just be a luxury, it should be a necessity.

Psychological and Physical effects of Massage:

  • Aids in Fluid circulation (blood, lymph)
  • Helps to relax muscles
  • Helps to break down scar tissue from old injuries
  • Relieves Stress through relaxation
  • Reportedly increases alertness
  • Helps in reducing pain levels
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps with Flexibility
  • Helps increase Range of Motion
  • Helps speed up recovery

We believe that one Sports Massage (or other type of massage) should be scheduled every following every week of physical activity. This may be difficult for some so we would recommend at least once every 4 weeks.

Adding Massage into your routine is not a huge change to make and you will find that, with the right therapist, the benefits are huge.

So go ahead, make massage a regular part of your lifestyle.

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