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Therapeutic Massage combined with IASTM

Therapeutic Massage and RockBlades (IASTM) Certified – a perfect combination

Therapeutic massage is a result-oriented treatment, specifically focused on helping clients with medical conditions. It is a part of the overall plan of care to calm muscles and decrease spasm and dysfunction. Acute medical conditions occur immediately following an injury or sudden pain. Therapeutic massage helps reduce acute pain while the original injury heals. Sometimes your body creates a pain cycle with leads to long-term chronic pain. Chronic medical conditions are those conditions that do not heal, such as arthritis, or take a long time to heal. For chronic issues, we focus on stimulating your body’s immune system and normalizing nervous system function.

At Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage, our ultimate goal is to help your body heal itself. Depending on your medical condition, our therapeutic massage includes lymphatic drainage, muscle energy techniques, assisted stretching, myofascial release, joint manipulation, and Swedish massage techniques that focus on the entire body or concentrate on the area of discomfort. We work with you to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs and lifestyle.

If you are looking for the best therapeutic massage in Edmonton, Alberta, Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage specializes in deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage and sport massage.

Our team of massage therapists all the following qualifications:

  • 2200+ hours and Massage Therapy Diplomas (licensed and registered)
  • Advanced Sport Massage Certification
  • Advanced Orthopaedic Massage Certification
  • ROCKBLADES – IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) Certification
  • Dynamic Cupping Massage Certifications
  • STR (Soft Tissue Release) – Level 1 Certification

Our team of massage therapists all the following experience which included the use of therapeutic massage In conjunction with massage at the following events:

  • RedBull Medical Team Massage Therapists
  • Team USA – U21 Rugby – Massage Therapist
  • Edmonton Prospects Baseball Club – Intern Massage Therapist
  • Athletic Sponsors for Massage – Provincial, National and International Level Athletes
  • Local Boxing Club – Biweekly sessions with Athletes and Events
  • Local Cheer Club – Athletic Events for Charity
  • Brent Saik Longest Hockey Game 2018 – For Alberta Cancer Foundation – Massage Therapist
  • Seniors Health and Wellness Events – Massage Therapist
  • MEC Events – Massage Therapist

It is important to choose your massage therapist wisely. Reach out to us at Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage to discuss your individual needs or Book your massage today!

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