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Understanding   5 types of Boundaries – For Massage Therapists

As with any health related profession, Registered Massage Therapist’s (RMT) face many challenges with regards to “Ethics” and in particular, “Boundaries”. These challenges appear to be greater in a province where regulations seems but a distant thought.

Because massage therapy is not yet a regulated industry in the province of Alberta, there are so many masseurs or body workers who operate under the guise of registered massage therapists which in my opinion is not only deceiving to the general public but poses a risk to their safety. These masseurs or bodyworkers are not likely to be operating under the boundaries that we are bound to as legitimate registered massage therapists in the province of Alberta.

So…..What Exactly are Boundaries?

Boundaries are what we, humans, use in order to relate to the world in general and to relate to other people. They are simply rules that govern how we interact appropriately with others in order to have healthy relationships with others and pertaining to massage therapists, to have healthy therapist-client relationships.

A “boundary” separates professional and therapeutic behaviour from non-professional and non-therapeutic behaviour, within the therapist-patient relationship.

The Boundaries that guide us as humans and as massage therapist can be divided into 5 groups:

  1. Physical Boundaries
  2. Social Boundaries
  3. Emotional Boundaries
  4. Sexual Boundaries
  5. Professional Boundaries

Boundaries must be respected as they not only protect our clients but they help us to assist us, as massage therapist in making wise decisions in the way interact with our clients.  Boundaries and plain common sense when used together will ensure a flawless therapist-client relationship.

Finding a Massage Therapist dedicated to operating under a specific Code of Ethics

  • Good standing with a recognized massage therapy association
  • Massage therapy education from a recognized massage therapy college or university
  • Police clearance
  • Liability insurance
  • Operates under a Code of Ethics as outlined by a recognized massage therapy association.

Choose your Therapist Wisely

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