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Think of all the things that are critical to maintaining life…The first thing we all likely think of is the air we breathe, right? That is of course correct and we all know that without oxygen there would not be life at all.  Another important thing crucial for life is water.

The average human body is about 75% water. As a result, when we don’t consume enough water dehydration occurs.

What exactly is dehydration?

Simply put, dehydration is when the body loses more water than it takes in…when your body doesn’t have enough water or fluids to carry out its functions.

What is Dehydration

What are the symptoms of dehydration?

dehydration symptoms
symptoms of dehydration

symptoms of dehydration

Can dehydration be reversed?

In cases of mild or moderate dehydration, you can simply take in fluids but in cases where dehydration is severe, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

Tips for staying hydrated?

  • Drink water with every meal
  • Make sure you drink water when working out
  • Don’t consume to many things that actually dehydrate such as coffee and alcohol
  • Eat Foods that will hydrate such as the following
Cucumbers are about 96% Water!
Zucchinis are about 95% Water!
Tomatoes are about 95% Water
Pineapple is about 85% Water!
Watermelon is about 90% Water!
Strawberries are about 90% Water!

Benefits of staying hydrated?

There are so many reported benefits to staying hydrated such as:

  • Weight loss – Water is what I believe is one of the best things to aide in weight loss. Water often can replace high-calorie drinks and has absolutely no calories at all. Most of all it is a great appetite suppressant and a lot of times those feelings of hunger are simply a sign that we need to hydrate.
  • Energy – Being dehydrated can make you feel tired…It can make you feel low in energy! If you are feeling thirsty that is a clear sign of dehydration….which can lead to muscle soreness and fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms so DRINK UP!
  • Headache cure – Another symptom of dehydration can be headaches and more often than not, our headaches are simply the result of us not hydrating enough.
  • Healthy Skin – Our skin is an organ and just like other organs, the skin is made up of cells. Just like the other cells in our body, the skin cells are also made up of a high percentage of water and without water all of our body’s organs will not be able to function properly. However, water is still critical to keeping our skin looking great but in reality water will reach our other organs first. Hydrating the skin is still important and as a result it is still an important part of keeping our skin healthy; however, hydrating our skin should also include applying hydration to the surface of the skin in the form of hydrating moisturizers.

So remember that water is the best natural remedy. Drink your way to better health!!

Massage -drinking water to remove toxins – fact of fiction?

Why is Hydration so Important?



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