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What is Direct Billing?

There are so many insurance companies that will allow massage therapists to direct bill for eligible massage therapy treatment.

Basically what this means is that we confirm you have massage coverage through your health insurance provider and then we bill them directly (online) for the service.

Its important that you are aware that amounts of coverage provided are different depending on coverage purchased….Some providers will pay a certain percentage of the massage whiles others may cover the entire cost of the massage.  You also need to be aware that the massage therapist MUST meet certain requirements in order to bill any insurance company.

Which insurance companies offer Direct Billing?

There are a lot of insurance companies who will allow direct billing but you need to make sure that your massage therapy studio has authorization to direct bill and if they do not, they it is up to you, the client to pay for the massage, get a receipt with the therapist’s BILLING number and then submit the receipts directly to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

As of June 2018, our therapists will be able to direct bill to the following insurance companies. If you do not see your insurance company on this list, just let us know and we will most certainly do what we can to secure direct billing authorization for the next time we create you.

· Alberta Blue Cross
· Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP)
· Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 1 (BAC)
· Construction and General Workers’ Union Local No. 92
· Cowan Insurance Group
· Desjardins Group **
· Equitable Life of Canada
· Great-West Life
· Green Shield Canada
· Funds Administrative Service (FAS)
· Industrial Alliance
· Ironworkers Local 720
· Johnson Insurance Group
· Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan (Johnston Group)
· Merit Insurance Brokers
· Manulife Financial Corporation
· Maximum Benefit (Johnston Group)
· NexgenRx Inc.
· Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP, Medavie Blue Cross)
· SSQ Financial Group
· Standard Life Canada (Manulife Financial Corporation)
· Sun Life Financial Canada
· The Co-operators Group Limited
· Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC, Medavie Blue Cross)

To Direct Bill Your Insurance Company we need you to provide….

All we need is your current insurance information. We will also ask to have a credit card number on your file just in case your claim for massage is not accepted by your insurance company.

**Desjardins Insurance offers “Point of Care Claim Submission” only. Patients pay our office and we can submit a online claim for reimbursement to the patient.

Client Submission of Claims

Some insurance providers do not allow online direct billing for massage and as a result, it will be up to you, the client to submit the receipt, issued by Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage, along with a claim form (from your insurance provider) and you will be reimbursed directly.

If your insurance carrier does not accept online direct billing, you must submit your paid receipt to your insurance provider along with any required claim forms for reimbursement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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