Sunday, December 16, 2018

Guest Blog for Custom Bodies!

If you would like to guest blog for us, please reach out to us with your complete, exclusive article submission (please don’t send questions asking about blogging for us).

We will review all articles sent in and will advise if they will be posted in our blog. We do not guarantee that all articles submitted will actually be posted.

Please Note:

  • We accept only articles that are written by the submitting author. So please don’t submit anything to us that has been plagiarized or where there may be a chance of copyright infringement. All published content becomes the property of Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage.
  • We are looking for blog posts that are health and wellness focussed, that are original, that are engaging and are written completely from a Canadian perspective.
  • We are not interested in posts that completely promote yourself or someone you are affiliated with. We are also not interest in articles that are simply regenerated PLR content.
  • The article submitted must be ready for publishing as we do not have the time to proof read and revise submitted content.
  • Blog submissions must be a minimum or 500+ words.
  • You must include an author name and a brief biography.
  • We will allow a “no follow” link is that will be in the author bio only (author’s website URL, e-mail, social media, etc).
  • Images must include copyright information.
  • Check out our blog, our entire website, our Facebook pages and all other social medial to give you a bit of an idea as to what we support…what we do and what might be appropriate for blog submissions.

Please note that Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage complies with all disclosure FTC and Advertising Standards Canada guidelines and as a result, all live links will be HTML tagged “no follow”.

Reprinting our blog posts

Reprinting of our posts maybe available…but just ask us! But please remember that there must be an advantage to Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage to do this (ie: marketing opportunity for our business). Please contact us to discuss.

A Note About the Content on Custom Bodies Fitness and Massage’s Website.

Content on this website (all or in part) may NOT be used elsewhere without our permission. Again…just ask us!